It's blazingly fast framework filled with features that you wish to have beforehand

Get Started

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Feature Update - Framework Version 1.2.3; View Version 2.5;

Why Viewonly

  • Viewonly is a feature rich framework, practiced in many projects worldwide for rapid development

  • It is viewonly, means everything you need is available on view in structured form

  • Simple, Easy & Fast

  • Faster than any other framework

Remember that there are many ways to solve a problem, but you have to choose the smartest way . . .


Fast as light

Easy to use

Small package


One module one file

Stuctured code

6 easy steps to get started

1. Unwrap

2. Upload Logo

3. Connect to a DB

4. Create Page in DB

5. Grant Page Permissions in APP

6. That's it, upload the view and you are ready to go


Please help us to improve our framework by sending us your valuable feedback. Thanks