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I am a Software Engineer.

There was a time when I had an opportunity to work on a big project which was an honor for me to be part of and international public facing project. I was working in 7 view technology using a PHP language. I named the 7 view technology myself. Because, there were seven types of functions that were used to create each module (listing, add, edit, view, delete, save & update). There were many difficulties and challenges came across in this project but I did not give up and kept on inovating new coding methods to ease out a developer’s life.

When this project was completed, I realized that I should improve my coding structure. I introduced 1 view, which means one module one function. I tried to keep my code secure as much as possible. I also monitored the data loading speed from the database.

I did not stop inovating. After using 1 view in many projects, I introduced viewonly (beta) version because, I had to write and maintain many large files which is quite time consuming.

Other reason for the upgrade, I wanted my code structure to work in each and every renewed frameworks of this era. After working on this structure a bell rang in my head to name this structure a framework. In a few days, I compiled everything and created VIEwoNLY framework, which is an independent framework and built using PHP language. It's a backend framework.

To find out more interesting facts about VIEwoNLY please refers to the docs page.

Muhammad Danial

Muhammad Danial