VIEwoNLY is a backend framework rich with features for the common use.

VIEwoNLY view is divided into 4 segments, write all database related queries in the first segment with the help of myGet() function.

It's simple, whether it's front end or back end library, link it in header.php file and use it by making it's class object.

We will write database connection in index.php file.

We do not need a model in VIEwoNLY.

No, it is more related to Three-tier architecture. This framework lies between Logic tier and the Data tier.

It is created automatically as we load the software first time after database connnection is setup.

It takes max 7-10 minutes.

VIEwoNLY is kept secure with security headers and login system and other security barriers.

It means that we are loading a function which is not defined or prohibited.
It also means that we are trying to expose $this variable which is prohibited for security reasons.

Use ob_clean() function before using print_r() or var_dump() function to clean the screen and view the error clearly.

Sessions are saved inside the VIEwoNLY structure in session folder.

Logs are saved inside the VIEwoNLY structure in logs folder.

It helps expand the VIEwoNLY structre in 2 parts. projectName-base (above public_html) and projectName (under public_html) for security precautions.

VIEwoNLY updates are informed on its github private page https://github.com/viewonlydev page.
Also the latest version is displayed in the footer section in the app.

We cannot use VIEwoNLY without login system for security reasons but we still have access to some of the functions required outside the login system views.

Database backup is only 1 click function in admin login.

Software backup is only 1 click function in admin login.

dashboard is the very first page that loads after we login to the system.

uploaddata() function helps to import data from excel to the module in easy way.

Yes. we can import multiple records in the single module.

Use foreach loops and myGet() function.

It is the part of second segment of the view which helps do backend codding in here.

api() function helps to exchange data from VIEwoNLY to the outside world.

$this holds basic stuff to run VIEwoNLY framework.

Lookup is the list page of a module.

Yes, as much as you want.

It is saved automatically. you do not have to worry about it.

Stages helps workflow to run efficiently.

loadMyTable() function helps to load search filters and sorting of DataTables in the module. (This function is defined in header.php)

It helps to connect your VIEwoNLY project with the latest VIEwoNLY framework.

User Guide

User Guide is available on our GitHub page . . .